Reflexology Scholarly Publications

The website “Reflexology Scholarly Publications" aims to contribute to the development, promotion and dissemination of scientific knowledge about Reflexology.

Reflexology is a complementary, hands-on, health care treatment. It is based on the interaction of reflex points with corresponding areas and organs of the body.

It is applied with specific pressures and techniques on specific points, mainly on the extremities of the legs and arms, in order to enhance the proper function of the respective organs and anatomical structures of the body.

The idea to share all aspects of theoretical thinking and applied practice was born from the creative dialogue that takes place within the “Health Studies-integrated” – Center for Lifelong Learning and particular in the graduate and postgraduate programs in Reflexology.


The aim of this endeavour is to contribute to the development, promotion and dissemination of scientific knowledge about Reflexology

Under this objective, we aspire to offer information on:

  • Current developments in Reflexology, as reflected in studies published worldwide
  • Previous publications that contributed significantly to the formulation of the field
  • Related publications from the field of biomedical sciences
  • Events, such as conferences, workshops, lectures, related to Reflexology and any other related field

We host articles by collaborators, scientists and professionals who share our strong commitment to scientifically established knowledge and evidence-based practice.

We host work from students that fulfill the challenges of documented analysis.

We look forward, to creating a dialogue forum for the creative exchange of views and ideas with members of the Reflexologists’ community as well as other health professionals.

It is our firm belief that only through systematically organized information and the synergism of all parties involved, we can support the improvement of people’s good health and wellbeing, within the health sector.