Brain Activations Induced by Reflexology at the Left Great Toe



Tang Mei Yee

Publication Identity

HKU Theses Online (HKUTO). Submitted for the degree of Master of Philosophy at the University of Hong Kong in August 2006



Part of  “Medical Imaging: Applications of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging and the Development of a Magnetic Resonance Compatible Ultrasound System”

We tried to use fMRI to investigate the neural pathway of reflexology applied at the feet, which may help in explaining the underlining principles and quantify the validity of this therapy.

Introduction – Aim
In this part of the study, we investigate the brain activations induced by massaging the inner lateral corner of the left great toe at lower limb. According to reflex zone therapy, the great toe corresponds to the brain and the lateral corner of the great toe corresponds to the temporal lobe of the cerebral cortex [16]. We hypothesis there is a positive correlation between stimulating this zone and activations at right temporal lobe of the brain.