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The Website Reflexology Scholarly Publications belongs to the Centre of Lifelong Learning “Health Studies – integrated” and represented by Sofia Raptopoulou.

The present usage terms can be amended at any time when necessary, with no further announcement. We recommend you keep yourself updated with the terms every time you visit our website.

  1. Availability of Website: The Centre for Lifelong Learning “Health Studies – integrated” is not obliged to maintain the website and may terminate its operation or modify it at any time. During periods of modification or upgrades, access may not be possible. This will be done with no prior notice.
  2. Safety of Website: We use all the latest and necessary technology to ensure the safety of the website. Nonetheless, we cannot fully guarantee that the website is free of bugs or any other digital viruses that can have destructive properties. It is the responsibility of the user to have the relevant protection systems. The Reflexology Scholarly Pub website is not responsible for any damage caused by access to or inability to access the website or the information contained therein.
  3. Content of Information: The website aims to inform and provide details on Reflexology, Complementary Therapies and health in general. The sources included may be scientific magazines, books, articles and other suitable mediums.  The content of this website –no matter where it comes from, no matter who wrote it—does not replace medical advice and should not be considered an incentive to discontinue, modify any medication or treatment recommended by a specialist or other qualified health care professional. The enclosed information does not replace the advice of your doctor and should not be used for treatment, self-treatment, diagnosis, self-diagnosis, of any issue of physical condition or health. In no case should you use the contents of this website for medical or other advice. Any decision on your health is the sole responsibility of qualified health professionals. The website and its administrators are not responsible for the reckless use of the materials nor the violation of the terms of use.
  4. Completeness of the Content:The website Reflexology Scholarly Pub, despite making every effort to ensure the information provided is as accurate as possible, is not responsible for any omissions or inaccuracies on any matter. The website Reflexology Scholarly Pub makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy, suitability, or completeness of the contents of this website. The use of the information contained on the website is the sole responsibility of the user.
  5. Referrals to Third Parties:The website containsreferrals to third party websites through links/hyperlinks. The Reflexology Scholarly Pub website does no control third party websites, does not provide any assurance about their content and is not responsible for any damage caused by them or their content. Referral to third party websites is not and cannot be construed as endorsement or acceptance of their content by Reflexology Scholarly Pub. The use of the websites we refer to, is made at the responsibility of the user and in accordance with the terms of use of each website.
  6. Intellectual Property: The intellectual property in the content of the website, including indicative texts, documents, files, graphics, images, and code as well as the general “aesthetics” of the website, belongs to Reflexology Scholarly Pub, Health Studies – integrated and to the authors and copyright holders as referred to on a case-by-case basis. Copying or printing of all or part of the website is permitted only under the condition that any indications showing the copyright on the pages, will not be altered, or deleted and that the original source will be cited. Any infringement of the copyright of any part of the content of the website will be dealt with in accordance with the law and applicable provisions.
  7. Industrial Property:All product names included in the website, the name Reflexology Scholarly Pub and the companies and bodies with which is collaborates with, the trademarks, photographs and any other element, written or visual, that distinguishes products or services or Producers or distributors of products are protected by the applicable provisions on industrial property and their use, imitation or falsification in any way without prior written permission is prohibited. The Reflexology Scholarly Pub website does not claim trademarks or related rights of third parties contained on the website. These third-party trademarks are displayed solely for the purpose of identifying the respective products and in no case shall their use by Reflexology Scholarly Pub be construed as a claim for rights thereto or as an association of any kind with the holders of such rights.
  8. Information given by the users: The user that communicates with Reflexology Scholarly Pub through the website is responsible for the information included in said communication.
  9. Health Professionals:To access certain functions and/or parts of the website that are addressed exclusively to health professionals in order to ensure the best possible, safest and secure use of them, user information is required in order to assign a password. The use is responsible for the accuracy of the information he/she provides, which must be true and complete. Providing inaccurate information will be prosecuted by any legal means. Users with the right to access the above services are fully responsible for their use of the website with a password. They are required to keep their password private, to ensure that their credentials cannot be used by unauthorized third parties and to immediately inform the Reflexology Scholarly Pub of any unauthorized use or suspicion of unauthorized use. The website Reflexology Scholarly Pub is not responsible for any damage caused by the unauthorized use of the password by third parties or by persons that are not health professionals, and reserves all legal rights in the event of any damage from such use. It also reserves the right to refuse the assignment of a password or to terminate the access of a given password if unauthorized use is found or unauthorized use by non-health professionals.
  10. Personal Data: The website Reflexology Scholarly Pub collects and processes only the personal data of the users of the website that are explicitly mentioned below, as in the General Privacy and Data Protection Policy, and only in the manner mentioned below. The Reflexology Scholarly Pub website does not disclose to third parties, except the competent authorities in compliance with its legal and administrative obligations, the personal data of users without their written permission and does not use them for purposes other than those mentioned above. For statistical and security reasons, the requests for access to the website and the number of visitors are recorded, without keeping any data that visitors may be identified by. Browsing the website is taken as the consent of the user for the collection and processing of this data. The Reflexology Scholarly Pub website takes all necessary measures to protect users’ data from accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction, or access by unauthorized persons.
  11. Cookies:On the website we use first-party and third-party cookies. Also, we use cookies to facilitate the access to specific services, for statistical purposes, to improve the efficiency of website use and for marketing purposes. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the user’s hard drive, do not take note of any file on his computer, cannot be used individually to reveal his/her identity, and are used solely for the above reasons. It is possible to set the internet access program (browser) so that either no cookies are received, or the user is informed before their installation. In that case the full functionality of the website may not be possible. By selecting each category, you can receive information about the type of cookies we use and change the relevant settings. The cookies we use do not collect data that reveals your personal identity and therefore do not allow us to identify you. Our website contains links to other websites that do not belong to us (third party content, links and plug-ins) and we are not responsible for the privacy practices of these websites.
  12. Accepting Cookies: When you visit our website for the first time, a cookie banner will appear. By closing or continuing your visit to our website, you implicitly consent to the use of cookies as defined in this cookie policy, unless you have adjusted your browser setting to reject cookies.
  13. Disable Cookies: You can revise your consent at any time by clicking “Disable All Cookies” [or equivalent wording] in the cookies banner or by deleting cookies in your internet browsing settings.
  14. Minors: The website is intended for use by adults only. Reflexology Scholarly Pub does not knowingly collect data from users who are or concern minors.
  15. Illegal Use:The use of the website for the transmission of defamatory, offensive, or threatening material or material that violates the rights of third parties as well as messages with similar content, is prohibited. Any such use will be prosecuted by all legal means.
  16. Compensation: The user accepts that he/is is liable to compensate Reflexology Scholarly Pub, its executives and employees for any damage and expense caused by the unauthorized use of the website or the violation of these Terms of Use and that he/she is obliged to provide any necessary assistance to the above persons, to deal with claims arising from his/her actions.
  17. Partial Invalidity:If any point (in whole or in part) of these Terms of Use is deemed inapplicable, the validity and application of the other points are not affected.
  18. Enjoyment of Rights:Any non-exercise of Reflexology Scholarly Pub rights arising from these terms does not constitute, nor can it be construed as a waiver of those rights. In case of illegal or contrary to these terms, use of the website, we reserve the right to claim compensation for any damage.
  19. Jurisdiction:These Terms of Use and any amendments thereto, as well as any dispute that may arise from them, are governed by Greek law. For any dispute that may arise from the use of the website, Greek law is applicable, and the courts of Athens are competent.